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Blackhawk FILL auto progression program - CD

  Quantity in Basket: None
Price: $94.95
FILL: Fill the Combination * Tells you all combinations that are possible for the ignition * Only shows valid combinations used in actual code series * Covers most foreign autos having more than six cuts in the door locks * Lets you decide whether the job is feasible * Works no matter which cuts you tell it * Prints a progression chart to screen or printer * Can be used to decipher a worn key * Most useful if your shop has walk-in automotive business * Works with tryout keys too! To use FILL, first you select the type of car from a list. Then just type in the cuts that you find on the door lock and the program lists all combinations that could be used on that car. In some cases there will be only one combination, and you can cut the ignition key with confidence. In other cases you may get three or four possible combinations. You can either cut all the keys, or tell the customer you need more information. In still other cases you will have a long list of combinations to show your customer, and you can more easily convince him that you must go to the car to make the key. Extra features: Alpha Tech ignition progression lets you sort out 2s and 3s. On Ford 10-cut ignitions you can progress cuts that could be either a 4 or a 5. (For Ford 10-cut, knowing only the first two cuts, see our Ford 10-cut progression charts.) You can use FILL with tryout keys by first finding a tryout key that works, then typing its combination into the program (A = 1 or 2, B = 3 or 4, etc.). The program will then list all keys that are derivable from the tryout. You can also tell the program to ignore the cuts in certain positions in the lock. Use this when you are working with a lock that doesn't need all the cuts on the key.


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